The best post I have ever seen.

I think I just peed my pants out of happiness.

This is what pranks need to look like

This makes me happy.

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Happy New Year - Reykjavík seen from an rc helicopter at midnight.

Icelanders are a bit nuts when it comes to fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Read more about New Years in Iceland here.

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The color of the Aurora depends on the altitude and the atom being struck by solar radiation (causing excitation). At higher altitudes, there is more Atomic Oxygen than Nitrogen, leading to the common color stratifications you see.

500-200 km altitude
— Atomic Oxygen — Red
200-100 km
— Atomic Oxygen — Greenish-Yellow
— Ionized Nitrogen — Blue/Purple
100-80 km
— Nitrogen (N2) — Crimson

Oxygen only emits red at higher altitudes because once it’s excited, it takes a longer time to emit red than it does green. Why is that important? Well, at lower altitudes there is more Nitrogen for the Oxygen to bump into and absorb that excitation-energy before it gets a chance to emit red light. In this case, where the collision occurs, the Oxygen will emit Green and at low enough altitudes the Nitrogen-Oxygen collisions eventually prevent Oxygen from emitting any light at all.

During stronger storms, high energy solar particles will reach lower in the atmosphere and cause the Crimson emission from Nitrogen, creating a deep-red band at the lower edge of the aurora. Other elements emit light too, like Hydrogen (Blue) or Helium (Purple) which are at higher altitudes.

Sources and further reading:
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Table for one :) 


Table for one :) 

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GUYS! with my other couple photos, my wedding posts have gotten over 5000 notes. So ridiculous. What is life.

:) Weirded out that my face is everywhere. Happy that it’s my face crazy in love with this guy up here. :) It’s been over 2 months and they have been the most happy months of my entire life. Thank you so much for all the love and support.  <3


I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I know I’ve posted a million pictures of us and I promise I’ll stop soon…..but I just had to show you my three favorite pictures my photographer sent me. They literally make me cry so hard. Ryan and I wanted to have worship at our wedding and it was literally the most crazy, emotional, beautiful moment. I am so blessed my photographer captured this and even more blessed to have married a man that wants to worship Jesus with me. 

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1)  The day my sister got back from the hospital after a suicide attempt. I didnt let go for about an hour.

2) Kid just found out his brother was shot and killed.

3) A Russian war veteran kneels beside the tank he spent the war in, now a monument.

4) Man sobbing at animal shelter. After being jailed briefly and his dog Buzz Lightyear impounded he couldn’t afford the $400 to get his pet back.

5) A firefighter gives water to a koala during the devastating Black Saturday bushfires that burned across Victoria, Australia, in 2009.

6) Alcoholic father with his son

7) Robert Peraza pauses at his son’s name on the 9/11 Memorial during the tenth anniversary ceremonies at the site of the World Trade Center.

8) Greg Cook hugs his dog Coco after finding her inside his destroyed home in Alabama following the Tornado in March, 2012

9) After two double lung transplants and years of battling cystic fibrosis, my good friend passed away last Saturday. This was one of the last pics taken with his mother.

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